$100/ per person

  There is live fire in this class, you will be required to supply 50 rounds of ammo for your firearm  (no additional range fees)

  • CPR/ FIRST AID/ AED​ Training

This is the course that gives you RED CROSS certification valid for 2 years. (Blended course available also-half online)

 This is a 6 hour class

Adult $95

Adult and Infant $116

We now offer fingerprint services and passport pictures!!

$75/per person

The tuition fee includes Student Packet (course materials) There is No live fire in this course

  • NRA Home Firearm Safety Course

This is an 4 hour class

  • NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

(This is the course that allows you to acquire the Connecticut Pistol Permit) This is an 8 hour one day course



  • Personal Firearm Training

(This is a one-on-one class with you and your firearm.  This includes safely handling, firing and cleaning your firearm) This is a 3 hour class

  • Concealed Carry Fundamentals

(This class focuses on drawing and holstering your firearm.  It is the next step for safely carrying your gun on a daily basis.  This includes some of the legal aftermath also)

This is a 4 hour class




Click below to sign up through NRA for Phase I (online portion)

$125/ per person

There is live fire in this class, you will be required to bring your pistol, holster and 50 rounds of ammunition (no additional range fees)


$125/ per person

The tuition fee includes Student Booklet(course material)  There is no live fire in this class

  • Utah Concealed Permit

(This will allow you to conceal carry in 35 states) This is a 4 hour class

Optional Blended learning

-Phase II (Classroom) $125

/per person

Your tuition fee includes certificate, target and ammo to pass the course, and there is no additional range fees

** NRA Charges $60 for the Online portion