" I enjoyed the training that you offered at Putnam Fish and Game.  It was an excellent refresher course in safety as well as being very informative regarding Utah gun laws.  I also appreciated Jess "saving time" by fingerprinting during breaks as well as taking care of other details when Steve is presenting.  I plan on contacting you in the future for hands-on instruction regarding personal protection.  Again, thank you for the excellent presentation."  Steve T

"I think the biggest compliment I can give Steve and Jess is that you struck the right balance of emphasizing gun safety, interpreting UTAH law, demonstrating useful defense tips, yet all the while, stressing the importance of being good gun ambassadors.  Without the latter, gun ownership will  continually be challenged by those who do not understand to efforts of people like yourself take to ensure individuals maintain the right to protect themselves and those they care for without being a threat to society.  Your course was well done."  -Dave O

" I took the NRA Basic Pistol Course. Best course I have ever taken. I was there for 8 hours and it felt like an hour. They did a great job presenting the information.." -John N

"I was absolutely astounded by the quality and training at Aces Defense.  The main Instructor, Steve, was very informative, attentive, and answered any and all questions that were asked.  I never felt that any of my questions were looked down upon.  The setup of the class is very organized and well thought out.  I love how the slides were presented on a huge flat screen TV so it is very easy to see.  Aces Defense Is a one stop shop for your class and fingerprinting to submit to your local authority to apply for your CT CCP.  The price of the class is well worth it and I give them 5000 stars out of 5!  I have been commending Aces Defense to everyone I know.  They will not disappoint!! -Michael, Danielson

"I found the Basic Pistol Course very informative about hand gun safety.   Steve did a great job teaching the class.  I am looking forward to taking more classes Aces Defense." -Dan M

"I attended a training session for applying for the Utah Firearms permit.
Steve of Aces Defense conducted this training.  He covered Firearm Safety and the Utah Firearm Laws.  He was knowledgeable and impressed the necessity of Firearm Safety.  Steve made it easy process to apply for the Utah Firearm Permit:  He explained in full what was needed to apply.  He took care of everything  --  Photo ID, Fingerprints with Application Forms on hand.  I would recommend Steve to anyone who plans on applying for a Firearms Permit or to take a Safety Course." Norman G

"The firing range and the dummy rounds in class were helpful." -Seth K, Danielson

"Many thanks to both Steve and Jess for your time and effort in making Sundays Utah Conceal Carry such an enjoyable experience.  Your organization, professionalism and thoroughness is refreshing and appreciated.  I have attended "other" firearm training classes, that left me feeling that the instructor was bored with his subject or worse, with his students,  this is certainly not the case with Aces Defense.  I look forward to training with you again."  _Lawrence, Woodstock

"Excellent course, taught extremely well.  Easy to understand and I learned a lot. " -Stacey R

Class Schedule

April 12, 19 & 26 2:00 PM​​

NRA Basic Pistol Course 

- Blended Phase  II

What Clients Say About Us

- "Class was extremely beneficial, and the course was more than I expected.  All my questions were answered and explained." -Donna C

" Awesome! Very friendly staff, amazing one on one attention.  Steve really cares about what he is doing, and it shows through his teaching. 5 out of 5!" -Bridgette P

  • NRA Basic Pistol Shooting
  • NRA Home Firearm Safety Course
  • Conceal Carry Fundamentals
  • UTAH Conceal Carry
  • One on One Personal Training

Come in!

Here at Aces, we are friendly, attentive and welcoming.  You will feel right at home here while taking the first step in firearms training. We will Walk you through the process of getting your Connecticut Pistol Permit! 


Is to provide you a one stop center for firearm training.  We have a comfortable classroom, and a shooting range.  We also offer UTAH carry permit course, which will allow you to carry concealed in 35 states.  We also do fingerprinting onsite to save you a stop!

Our Goal

April 8 & 22  11 AM

​April 15 1-6 PM

NRA Basic Pistol Course

-Blended Phase II

March 25th 11:00 AM

NRA Basic Pistol Course 

- Blended Phase  II

Contact us to schedule a personal One on One with your firearm, or a Conceal Carry Fundamentals

April 15  8-12 AM

Utah Multi State Conceal Carry

"I enjoyed the Utah Conceal Carry Course that I took on Oct 4th.  The class was very interesting and informative.  I will be looking forward to taking more classes to keep up and review proper gun ownership and defense." -Barbara F

TBD 11am

Conceal Carry Course focusing on drawing/holstering